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Usually when you finish your Software Engineering degree, you are a software engineer, but sometimes you are hired for a company as a developer and perhaps you do not just develop different tasks of an application. However it does not always happen in this way. Because you are not only developer, you are more than a developer. You can do more tasks, for instance designing how to program this issue or task or anything that you want.

We are software engineers and we have a lot of knowledge about developing, designing application, testing, deploying and other concepts. Also we have to improve our knowledge everyday since our world is always changing and improving, so that it is our duty in order to change and improve with it.

This blog has been created to research different concepts such as software patterns, clean code rules and different programming languages, and improve them. Currently, I am developing in Groovy and Java, also I try to use unit testing, S.O.L.I.D. principles and another good practices.
In internet there are a lot of sites where you can find enough information in order to learn a new rule or technique that you will use in your job or your own applications. I strongly recommend the following:

Finally, in the next weeks I expect to publish a new article about Structural Design Patterns. I hope this article and the followings help you in order to became a better software engineer.


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